Manufacturers of space have learned how to evoke certain emotional and behavioral responses from consumers. Learn More
Throughout the city of Pittsburgh, there are at least three hundred illegal dumpsites, many near greenspaces. Learn More
Tourism is often a constructed experience—guided tours, a deliberate environment and prescribed consumption. Learn More
Sites purposed for outdoor recreation often need constant attention in order to maintain a certain appearance. Learn More


I started a Facebook page in September 2011 with the hopes of creating a place for students to post images, ask questions, and respond to each other’s work. It is also for people who want to be kept up to date with our Intro to Photography classes, and also for people that just dig photography. It will hopefully grow into a forum for people to talk about projects and resources as well. Like us, and be kept up to date with our class.
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As an educator, I strive for an interactive and dialogical classroom environment. My primary objectives are to integrate the technical goals of a curriculum with the historical significance of photography, and the maintenance of a steady mode of production. Read More


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